Dating Advice #160 – The Blended Family Challenge

As a single mom to a toddler, I knew I wanted to be in a committed relationship at some point. I know, I know, the hypocrisy! But in came my future husband in He had a whole ex and two children! I immediately felt a connection with him but was very apprehensive about pursuing a commitment with him. As time went on, I started to get to know the person he was, the type of father he was committed to being, and the interactions he fostered with his ex. What I saw as a dating red flag was more insecurity and fear about having a blended family.

Co-parenting and love: expert tips to help your blended family thrive

While the subject of blended families is not mentioned in the bible, the scriptures do give us some admonitions that seem relevant. If mistakes were made in the past, seek the forgiveness of God and others and turn away from the past in order to move with joyful purpose to future opportunities. Seek to understand and develop the unique spiritual gifts of each person in your new family.

Karen has over 30 years’ experience working with families, and she is Dating to Getting Serious to forming a Blended Family” is co-written.

One of the consequences of the high rate of divorce and remarriage is that family structure has changed. People who remarry find themselves blending two sets of families from former marriages. That means that the newly remarried are now both continuing to be the natural parent to their existing children and step parent to the children who come with the second spouse. Sometimes it is only one spouse who brings children into the marriage. Regardless of the particular configuration of children and stepparents, everyone involved has to deal with difficult challenges.

On websites where people post asking for help with tough family situatins, it’s common to see a wife or husband complaining that their new spouse seems to love their biological children more than their new spouse.

A Valentine to My Big, Beautiful Blended Family

In its most basic sense, a blended family is one where the parents have children from previous relationships but all the members come together as one unit. However, as blended families become increasingly common, the definition of a blended family is changing. Understanding the basics of a blended family can be essential for ensuring your family can embrace its strengths and work through its differences. The simple definition of a blended family, also called a step family, reconstituted family, or a complex family, is a family unit where one or both parents have children from a previous relationship, but they have combined to form a new family.

The parents may be in a same sex or heterosexual relationship and may not have children with each other.

The wedding date is still in the works, but we’re excited! What have been some of the biggest challenges of blended family life so far? There are.

We use cookies to track usage and preferences. I Understand Cookie Policy. With one in three couples getting divorced and the majority of divorced couples remarrying, blended families are becoming increasingly common. Our expert clinical psychologist, Dr Victoria Samuel, advises on how to make the best of your new grouping. A blended family is formed when a couple moves in together, bringing children from previous relationships into one home.

Not surprisingly, the path to a happy household in many blended families is steep with considerable obstacles to navigate on route. When parents remarry or move in with a new partner who has children from a pre-existing marriage, a child faces further threats to his sense of stability. Listen to their responses without judgement or suggesting immediate solutions, and convey an acceptance of their experiences with concern and empathy.

Bear in mind that children aged 10 to 15 particularly girls may find the adjustments of blended families especially challenging. To reduce resistance, it may be helpful if your partner avoids stepping into the disciplining role before having spent time developing a relationship with your older child. Your child did not choose to form a new family, and may have little invested in trying to make it work. Rifts are common around life transitions or events, such as changing school or ill health, which drain your coping resources and leave children feeling more vulnerable than normal.

How to have a happy blended family

With so many complex relationships involved, all the normal rules for family life change, even how you apply something as simple as the five love languages. Gary Chapman and Ron Deal delve into the real issues stepfamilies face but often don’t know how to talk about. With a unique approach based on The 5 Love Languages model, they provide a practical and empowering path forward for parents and children alike. It involves so many difficult challenges and complexities in the search for ways to promote healthy parenting, love, safety, healing, and structure.

Gary Chapman and Ron Deal have written the best book I have read on the subject.

THIS SITE USES COOKIES TO PROVIDE YOU WITH MORE RESPONSIVE AND Create a Loving and Safe Environment for Your Blended Family With so many complex relationships involved, all the normal rules for family life change, Ron is the author of The Smart Stepfamily, The Smart Stepdad, and Dating and the.

Aug 25 5 Elul Torah Portion. Jul 24, by Rosie Einhorn, L. They’re headed for marriage, but her children and his children are not cooperating. I am a year-old professional female, divorced, with two sons ages 9 and Three years ago I met a man Steve , early 40s, whose wife had recently died of cancer. Steve had been with his wife for 22 years, and they have three children, ages 9, 13 and When I met Steve, I was still bitter from a very bad divorce.

I never wanted to get married again after what I had been through. Steve convinced me, though his loving and caring ways, that he is a good person, and he restored my faith in men. We enjoy many activities together, and we enjoy just being together. We live 30 miles apart, but we see each other at least once or twice a week.

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When it comes to dating for re-singled a. Thoughts of entering into a serious relationship or even remarriage gives many re-singled parents cause for pause if not outright alarm because we’ve all heard the stories about evil stepparents since we were little thank you, Cinderella! But that’s not how it has to be! With a bit of work, It’s possible to create successful blended families. My husband and I met online through eHarmony.

Dating After Divorce With Kids? Blended Families Can Be Tricky, But This Relationship Expert Shows How To Navigate Murky Successful blended families require partners to be on the same page in these critical areas.).

BEGIN with one formerly married couple and an amicable divorce. Add children, maybe two or three. Give each former spouse a new partner. Perhaps the new partners have children, too. Add them. Factor in an equitable say, nearly physical custody arrangement for all the parties. What do you have? Do they move in together, mixing developing teenagers like snarling cats in a bag? Or are they risk-averse, maintaining separate households and seeing one another on the odd weekend? Or perhaps they are fortunate enough to establish some sort of contiguous living arrangement, like the members of the Curtis-Hetfield-Petrini household, who have as irresistible a scenario as anyone could devise.

On a recent bright Sunday, they were all at home together in their two-family brick town house in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn: Sarah Curtis, a year-old preschool teacher; her daughter, Ella Hetfield, 10; Ms. They had all had breakfast in Ms. Curtis made waffles; Mr.

Blended Relationships: Are You Ready To Move Forward?

Are you a blended family? Are you a parent who is dating? This episode talks a bit about that too!

A Therapist’s Practical Advice for Blended Families with Dr. Zoe Shaw – You can follow Dr. Zoe by visiting her site, or finding her on Facebook, Instagram Dating is difficult, scary, and usually exhausting both mentally and physically.

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. As a parent that has a stepson, I have had many people ask me questions regarding raising a child that I did not help bring into this world. They are usually single people dating someone or thinking about dating someone who already has a child. They ask me questions that are all over the map. None of which I feel have anything to do with what they really need to be focused on when they are thinking about taking on a blended family.

In my experience, the main thing they should focus on is the relationship with the person they are dating or thinking about dating. The children will follow the foundation of the relationship. The key to it all will be the foundation. There are a few keys to beginning a blended family on the right foundation. There are so many. Here are some of the things I have learned in my marriage and in the process of dating my wife who had a son when we met.

Many people get caught up in the fascination of being in a relationship and forget to ask questions that matter and to be observant of everything.

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